Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communication (DISC)

DISC Mission

DISC develops, cultivates, and supports transnational, national and regional digital cultural heritage, scholarly, and education resources.

We promote digital resources that reflect the diverse cross-cultural heritage of the UNM campus and broader community to facilitate complex understanding, education, and research.

DISC Office Hours

DISC Office Hours are discontinued due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please come visit us when we are back on campus! 

Digital Exhibits

Digital Initiatives Projects


About DISC

Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communication is located in Zimmerman Library Suite B25, at the bottom of the main stairwell. The DISC suite includes a small group teaching/learning space and workspace for the Graduate Fellows and student employees who support our digitization and digital projects.

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Sarah R. Kostelecky

Margie Montañez
Latin American Collections Curator

Raelynn Richardson
Library Services Coordinator

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